About Us

TIBAH Consultants was established in 1987 with an ambition to contribute in forming the architectural identity of the built environment of our contemporary society. That which inspires the human social and aesthetic values of our tradition and is appropriate to our modern and ever changing needs. 

TIBAH has tried to achieve this by recruiting a group of distinguished engineers and architects along with acquiring the latest technology methods to produce works of highest standards.

TIBAH offers a full service in the architectural design and planning for a wide range of projects. Its services include Architectural, Structural, Electrical, HVAC, Landscaping, Interior Design and Project Management. Over the past years TIBAH has clearly demonstrated its unique style in the field of Architecture and other services, this is demonstrated in the prizes that TIBAH acquired in many local and international competitions. TIBAH is classified under class A in he Association of Jordanian Engineers and Class 1 ( Architecture, Structures and Construction Management ) in the Ministry of Public Works. TIBAH is ISO 9001 : 2000 certified for their Quality Management.


Sari Zuayter ( B.Sc.C.E ,1977 , M.B.A ,1981)
Managing Director

Ayamn Zuayter (B.A.E,1981)
Head Architect- Director



Khaled Nadi ( B.A.E ,1995)
Sr. Architect, Production Dept. Manager

Marwan Hassan (B.Sc.C.E, 1984)
Supervision & Const. Management Dept. Manager






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